I heard this quote tonight. As things that are soul baringly true it resonated with me. some days i can feel my scars as though they have been freshly emblazned upon me. Other days they are more hidden, but not invisible when touched, and some days, blessed days, they are nearly invisible.

Some days I feel like my scars are my shield and  I put that face to the world  so that I can protect what is fragile and tender. Not so long ago, I wore my scars as my badge of honor. It was as if I was trying to show the world just who I was and where I had been. Now, I feel like people don’t really need to know. Why do they need to see that? What is the point? What purpose does it serve?

I am not ashamed of my scars, they made me who I am. Being proud of them does not make them less painful, it just makes the pain easier to deal with when I realize how far it has let me come.