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I believe in a global economy. I believe that we need to not isolate our country. I can see how some outsourcing to other countries is a benefit, not just to our country, but to theirs, and to a global economy.

That said, I believe that right now we are suffering from too much of a good thing.

Back when we had three viable candidates  for President this was an issue. Since then I have not heard much about what we are doing about it, to bring these jobs back to the American people.

This is extremely frustrating to me, especially when I hear so many say they are out of work. As unemployment rates remain high it seems like that would be one easy solution to improve our situation.

If our government can give unregulated billions to banks, why not some to businesses as in incentive to stop outsourcing and hire Americans for jobs?

Helping others, encouraging global economy, all that is great. But if we can’t start to help ourselves, we won’t be able to help anyone else.

I came across this article about Henry County, Virginia. This is just sad and, in my opinion, totally unnecssary. I can hardly imagine 775 people in one county without a job. This is a huge problem, not just for the county, but for the state, and its due largely to outsourcing.

This country is trying to make a fast buck by hiring cheaper labor. While its a great short term fix for financial woes, it is devastating our country in the long term. The people they are outsourcing to won’t be able to buy their product, and neither will the Americans they just laid off.

Politicians say they want to help Americans during this awful time, well, my message to you is this: Help us help ourselves. Find ways to fund American businesses so that we can stop outsourcing our jobs and start putting America first.