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Yes it is once again time for me to stand up high on my soap box again about the use of the blinker. Its a lost art form, I am convinced. I don’t know if I can resurrect it from endangerment with my blog, but I am sure going to try.

I was on my way to work this morning and while traveling down Rt. 3 I saw my turn. I promptly turned on my blinker and applied my brake. The fellow behind me, obviously not used to seeing such an event, did not slow down. (Yeah I am talking about you, you douchebag, didn’t think this would make the internet huh? Think again pal, its 2010. Everything you do makes the internet. You are darn lucky I didn’t make a video and YouTube your doucheyness.)

I tapped my brake lights in hopes that he would see me and slow up. No such luck.  I tapped them again because my turn is swiftly approaching. Still this fellow is not slowing down. I wind up having to merge to the shoulder of the road and then make a higher than appropriate speed turn because I was afraid of being rear-ended. Not only did this moron risk my life, but there was someone pulling out of the same drive that I was pulling into. Had I not been able to merge onto the shoulder, this man would have been at risk.

All I am saying is when you drive, pay attention. You don’t need to drive and multitask. Driving IS multi-tasking.  If you are going to put on lipstick, let’s not do it while your foot is on the gas pedal. When your foot goes down, so should your make up, your cell phone, your french fry and your electric razor. A car has proven to be, over and over, a lethal weapon. You could kill someone, or render someone permanently immobile for the rest of their life because you had to text the hubby to pick up toilet paper from Wal-Mart. Really, is someone’s life worth Charmin?

I have seen commercials advertising gadgets that allow parents to see how the teens are driving. Great! My question is “Who is monitoring the parents?” Teens learned this behavior somewhere, most of them didn’t just “learn it from their friends”. Friends can be blamed for a lot of influences, but the day we see change is when parents realize they are the first ones to influence their kids.