Well I would love for this to be a front porch bloggin’ post, but until I get my new laptop, I am chained to the office. It’s late. It’s after 2am. I should be in bed. I have work in the morning. I just had this urge to blog. It’s been awhile.

Actually I don’t even really need to sit here and figure out what to say. I have a blog written. But tonight I am not feeling that blog. I feel like I have this brick of words lying on my chest and that I will never go to sleep if I don’t type it off.

This weekend was a productive weekend. I bought a new desk. Well, new to me desk. I joke with my Mom that I will never own anything new. I love eras that have gone by too much. This desk is not a vintage piece, just lightly used. I found it for fifty dollars at a store in a nearby town. Then I asked the lady if that was the best price she could do and got another 20% off. I was totally willing to pay the fifty, but I am also going to be a broke college student. How’s that for planning and foresight! Those eight dollars will buy me a nifty off campus lunch when I am on the verge of smacking people upside the head.

I also found a couple of vintage purses for really good prices. One will be a birthday gift from my aunt and the other I bought for now. It was six dollars and it’s really great.

Ok ok, I know desks and purses aren’t exactly deep thoughts for contemplative blogging. So what’s on my mind you ask? I just keep thinking about school and the logistics of everything that has to happen before I can set foot into the classroom. I am waiting for a response to an e-mail I sent to financial aid. I am waiting to hear from a lender to see if I got approved for a loan. I can’t do anything really until those things happen and there is so much that has to happen soon, so I can be ready to start. I don’t want to put things off until the last second.

I have made my lists. I know what I need to buy, how to pack the car, what to pack the car with for those just in case moments. I even bought the bins to put it all in. I know what laptop I am getting and I even have a price quote. I have taken all the steps I can and I want to keep moving forward and I am only spinning my wheels. This is causing me to worry about how it will all go. If I am moving I don’t worry as much because I am doing something. Right now my hands are tied, bound by other people.

Mom says not to worry it will all happen in its own time. But that is just it; this is my time, my life. I am ready to move on with my life. I am over thirty for heaven’s sake and still living at home. I know I have had life happen and all, and that it caused me to have some setbacks. Well, that and trying to do it right when I finally figured it out.  I just want to keep on moving on.