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For me, prayer is more than just clasped hands and closed eyes. Do I do those things? Sure, but I also pray with my eyes wide open. (This is much appreciated when I am praying and driving!)

For me, prayer is that moment in a day when it is just me and God. It is me talking with my guiding force. It’s me finding my balance and reconnecting with my core values.  It means I am taking all I have learned in the day, up to that point, and either giving it back to Him, or thanking him for giving me the events that shape my life.

I love the traditional ritual of prayer. The closing of the eyes, shutting out the physical world to connect with my spiritual world. The clasping of the hands, the feeling of the physical connection of skin on skin, embracing, coming together to center and focus me and giving me something to hold on to. I love taking that deep breath right before I spill my soul to Him, that deep cleansing breath that elevates my soul closer to heaven.  I love the sense of quiet and calm that comes over me.

For me prayer represents renewal. In letting go of the worries and the stress, I am letting in the calm. I am sweeping out the negativity of the day, or of the moment, and I am bringing in serenity and peace.  It is the shedding of an outer shell and the re-birth of who I am intrinsically as a person and as a woman.

I received a phone call this morning during my moment of prayer. I answered the phone and the person on the other end asked what I was doing. I responded with “Praying”. I think it caught that person a little off guard.  I mean, how often does one really catch someone in the act of praying? It was that conversation that led me to think about prayer and its meaning and place in my life.

So, what does prayer mean for you? What does it symbolize, what does it represent?