That is the phrase I hear in my head each and every time I think about blogging. Last night, this weekend, last month, I have thought this phrase. School has kept me busy. Between the studying and the driving its been a lot of fun. Well that and the dropping of the classes. They are dropping off like bugs on a bugzapper in August.  I was taking 18 credit hours. I could have kept up if all my class work had been about the same amount. But, no, I took this course on women’s spirituality and I had this woman who was a sadist. Dropped went that class. Then I was in Legal Ethics and I realized how much I could really eff up a client’s life, my attorney’s life and my life by a few simple mistakes. Dropped.

Then I dropped the legal courses all together. Why you ask? Because I realized that even with not being in Legal Ethics if I were to continue with the legal program I would be in that stress constantly. I don’t want that for my life. I have been there and done that. It’s not for me.

I was talking this over with a good friend of mine who then asked me a really good question. So, how’s working in the library? When I responded it was good and how excited I was to shelve my first book, she said “It was like coming home, wasn’t it?” I said yes. She said – very wisely – “Then what are you messing about with all this other stuff for?”

That was the best question. I sat on that question for a bit. As I studied more of this legal ethics business that question stayed with me. What was I messing about with all of this for? I knew at that point I wanted to be back in the library field. So what was I doing? That next morning I made an appointment and I am now the history department’s newest addition. I have already communicated with 2 professors and both have been lovely. This was a change from my legal advisor who I couldn’t seem to hardly get an email response from.

I knew in coming to this university I was where I needed to be. Now that I am in this program, I feel it to the core. I am not excited and anxious, now I am just excited. I am not going to be adding more classes on, in fact, it may even be fewer classes.

So now I as sit here on the fourth floor of the library look out of the window to a stunning fall day I am feeling like anything is possible. I only wish that everyone could share this feeling.