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In the last few weeks sexual orientation has been a huge news topic. It has flared once again because of the tragic string of suicides in both the United States and Canada.

This poses a question for me. Why does it even freaking matter? So you are a boy who likes to kiss boys? So you are a girl who wants to kiss girls? What is the big deal?

At the end of the day we are all human beings. Melissa Etheridge is no less of a human than Ann Coulter. Alan Cumming is no less of a human than Alan Greenspan. Yet for some deplorable reason members of the human race make the choice to point fingers, taunt, and hurt other humans because they have fallen in love with someone another person has deemed inappropriate.

This is ridiculous. We are an educated society. We have access to education in this country like no other country and yet we are behaving in the most barbaric way just because we don’t agree with, or don’t like who someone else has fallen in love with.

I try to have sympathy for those folks who look down on others. I can not fathom what must be lacking in their life for them to have the time to go pointing their self-righteous fingers at someone else. I have zero time for that. I am too busy trying to make my own life than to go around hating on other people.

Being gay is not a disease. Being gay does not hurt other people. What hurts others is intolerance, non-acceptance, and the breeding of hatred toward other human beings.

The fact that so many of our young people, good people who never had the chance to live, are taking their own lives for being different sickens me. The fact that they were made to feel less than the human beings that they are is unacceptable.

Also unacceptable is what Fred Phelps and his followers did in 2006. They protested the funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. They carried signs of hate to the funeral of a man who DIED protecting their right to spew garbage at his funeral. Snyder’s family contents he was not gay. Personally, I think it doesn’t matter. Gay or not, that church had zero right to protest in that way at his funeral.

To Fred and his followers: you claim that God hates fags. Well what would He think of you? What would he think of you tormenting and terrorizing a grieving family? What right have you to disrespect someone who gave his or her life so you can live freely in this country? You say that gays should be ashamed, well, I think the shame belongs right on your doorstep. Shame on you for disrespecting a soldier and shame on you for not respecting the bible you believe in that says that we should love one another.

Lastly to the Supreme Court, you have a big decision to make. Our forefathers gave us the right to say what we feel. I am sure that if they saw how Mr. Phelps chose to disrespect a member of our armed forces – the same armed forces that gave us our freedom from tyranny – they would choose to stand up for a man who had pride in himself and his country, not a man who is only interested in spreading terror and hate. Americans have the right to freedom of speech, but that right needs to stop when it gives the right to terrorize.