Yes that is right, I am still here! I can hardly believe two months have passed since my last entry. Much has happened, so much that I think I just got lost in it. School had been unbelievably stressful this semester. The anxiety has been off-the-charts. But I am still here, still managing, just not blogging….much.

I have a blog written about some lessons I have learned in therapy. I think it will be a whole new category for me. What I have learned about myself this year really can only be rivaled to what I learned about myself during four years of high school and college. Yes, its been that intense.

Now the semester is nearly over, thank heavens. I am so ready to be done. I am making plans for my break and for next semester already. Ridiculous, but true.

This is all I really have to say. I  just wanted to touch base again, to say hello, to reconnect with my self-created world of words.


I’ve missed you.