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It’s a new year and time to haul out the old to make way for a fresh start. As you can read at my new blog here, I have gone through and de-cluttered my make up. At first it was a bit of a shock  to have it that cleaned out, but now it is so nice to open the cabinet and not see 50,000 products.

I did the same with my medicine cabinet. I tossed out any medicine that was expired or an expiration date that could not be found. Then I attacked the under the sink cabinet and drawers. I got rid of cleaning products and expired rubbing alcohol and peroxide. Next came the hair brushes, combs, and hair ties. I tossed everything stretched out or near broken and put all of my brushed and combs in one bin, headbands, bobby pins and clips in another. Then came the hair elastics. I had no clue what to do with them until I saw a cardboard jewelry box that a Christmas gift came in. It was perfect, just the size I need. Now I can just reach in and put them out instead pulling out tangled bits, bobs, hair ties and loose hair.For the smaller hair ties I am going to get a cardboard ring box to store them.

The second drawer houses my hair dryer, curling iron, extra bath poofs, and the all important pedicure supplies. I keep my nail polishes in my medicine cabinet, but there isn’t enough room to house my files and clips and such in that. So I swapped the basket that used to house my jumble of hair ties with my pedicure supplies. It works much better. Its larger and I can see in it much easier without rooting about for a nail clipper.

Now feeling all productive and accomplished, I went to my jewelry. I organized the studs from the danglies and put my long inexpensive necklaces on a hanging tie rack that I keep on  hook that hangs on my closet door. I put my nicer necklaces on the hooks inside my jewelry chest. I threw out any broken jewelry that wasn’t worth getting fixed. Each piece that I do want repaired went into tiny ziploc bags and now they are all ready to go to the jewelers.

Motivated I attacked the three junk drawers in my bedroom. Junk drawers are amazing. For me they are the last refuge of an item before the garbage. If I don’t exactly where something should go or I don’t have a place for  it, or I am not quite sure if I need it or not, in the drawer it goes. In my attempt to de-clutter I went from three drawers of “stuff” to one organized drawer and two empty drawers.

That was yesterday, today I am working on the office. Lord have mercy. How does paperwork accumulate like that? My shredder is going to be working overtime to be sure. I just want to dump everything. I have books on bookcases and I am just packing them away. I want to keep them, I just don’t want to see them. One day I will have a space for them, today is just not that day.

I am ready for it all to be cleared out. That is the light at the end of the tunnel in this project and its not very far off. It will get cleared out, one piece at a time!