I have done a few posts on manners and respect. I find that once again this topic is something I am revisiting in my life.

A friend of mine whom I have not seen in the last 20 years reconnected with me before the holidays. I am thrilled about this. I never thought I would have the opportunity to ever speak or see him again and to know now that I can text him whenever I want is just fantastic.

Over the last two decades though, things changed in both our worlds. I know this because he called me one day and as a greeting said “Hey bitch”. Now I know full well that it was not meant in the derogatory sense. I get it. I have seen this done before. However, its not behavior that I condone.

I am not his female dog, nor am I anyone’s female dog.  In the best sense this word means whining female. I am not that either. I am first and foremost a woman and a lady. As such I demand the respect that comes with both of those words.

I have self respect. I am not going to let anyone refer to me as something less than what I am. I had a father who did that for years. He would put me down as nothing more than an ignorant child or a mouthy teen. In most cases it was not warranted as I was just expressing my ideas of the world and how I felt I should be treated in it.

I am not saying I want people to kiss the ground I walk on, heck no. What I am saying is answering the phone to hear the name of a garden tool, or a female canine, being used in place of my own is not acceptable behavior.

So, as inquiring minds want to know, did I say something? Heck yes. I said that that behavior was not acceptable that I do not let any man not even the ones I am closest to speak to me that way and I was not going to give him that chance either. I am a lady and as such I deserve that respect.

Did it work? Yes, for a few conversations, then it was back to it. To which I reminded this person that those words were still not acceptable. Will it work from this point on? I hope so. If not, we will be having another conversation.

What I want to know, is how did this get started?  Who was the woman that said it was acceptable for them to be called a bitch? I do know some females who see empowerment in that word, that it means they  using their feminine role to “act like a man”. They say if a man is successful he is honored and if a woman does the same, she is a bitch, so they look at it as a compliment.

To me, pure and simple, its not. Call me confident, call me sexy, call me smart, call me ballsy and brave, but don’t call me a bitch.