I am currently taking an American Lit course in school. My God. I had no clue that Americans were so morbid in their writing. Good grief, what the heck? Maybe it has been the selections of the professor, but I am wholly underwhelmed.

We started out with Whitman and Dickinson and worked into Huck Finn. Then it was short stories about race, death, soldiers and PTSD. Then over break it was As I Lay Dying by Faulkner. That book is just horrific.

I have discovered I am an emotional reader. When asked if I liked a story or not,  my first response is not yes or no, or anything about overall themes. I tell people how it made me feel.

To Faulkner: You make me feel disturbed. Your absence of emotion and overabundance of apathy and callousness is disgusting.  I read you and I need a mental vacation and a hot bath.

So WordPress world, is American Lit overall just morbid? Say it isn’t so. If it is, I am adopting British Literature – at least then I can have my Austen.