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Tonight was indeed a historic evening. At about 10 pm I saw the news report the death of Osama Bin Laden. My first reaction was shock. Then came the fear that the news agencies had a false lead. Once I realized that Bin Laden was dead, I could only watch the news in amazement.

Ten years ago this man masterminded the worst attack on American soil our country has seen. He was successful in inciting fear and terror, fear and terror that lasted much longer than the 40 minute gun battle that ended his life.

I am grateful to the forces that eliminated this man. I believe now the people of our country can now begin to properly heal. I think the healing process has already begun of course, but I am sure there had to be that lingering sense of what if in the back of the minds of many Americans. Thanks to the American government that “What if” has now been minimized in a major way.

I have often heard it said that Americans have forgotten 9/11. Anyone who has read this blog knows that in my case it is certainly not true. I also believe that many Americans who have loved ones stationed abroad and at home still remember, as do the family members who have lost loved ones in the war on terror.

Tonight my hope is similar to that of President Obama’s. I hope that our country can come together again, this time not in terror, but in joy, elation, and relief that Bin Laden is no longer a living threat. I hope that as a nation we can ban together under American pride for having gotten rid of a man who represented pure evil.

I also want to say thank you to the individuals who came together to make this mission a success. I want to thank them for giving their nation the gift of a peace of mind that this man is gone. Thank you for your hard work, your bravery and your sacrifices to make this happen.  I also want to thank the soldiers who since 9/11 have died in the effort to rid the world of this man. To those men and women, your sacrifices will not be forgotten. I also want to thank the families of all soldiers for giving up their loved ones so that the rest of this country may feel safe. Thank you for giving up having them at holidays and special occasions and for letting the burden of our freedom rest partly on your shoulders.

A grateful and proud American citizen