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I really do think I need to be a police officer. Yesterday driving to work I saw more traffic violations on in less than ten minutes than I care to think about. From illegal u-turns to erratic driving to throwing trash off the side of an overpass, I was completely irriatated at what I witnesses. If I had been a cop, it would have been a busy morning.

There are two things that I would be sure to ticket. One, people who do not use blinkers. To merge sans blinker is incredibly dangerous. The people behind you need to know what you are doing! You are not God, and you cannot just expect people to read your mind and know that you suddenly one to be one or two lanes over.

The second thing I would ticket – drivers who do not stay in their lane when making a left hand turn.  I have had the stuffing sacred out of me more than once while sitting in a left hand turn lane. I have witnessed many drivers, who while making a left hand turn from an adjacent direction, want to drive in their lane and mine. To compensate, when I am the first car in a left hand turn lane, I don’t pull up to the line. This way if the driver coming at me from my right wants to execute part of her turn in my lane, my front end will still be intact.

I have decided that when I finally get a full time job and am able to settle down a bit, I want to live no more than twenty minutes from my employment. The less time I spend on the road, the better.