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I can hardly believe it has been over a year since I have posted a blog here. I had a few drafts in the works, but nothing concrete.  To say that I have been busy this last year would be an understatement. School and work kept me completely immersed in “to dos”. 

The upshot of it all, I graduated!! Two weeks after I graduated I found employment which, though only part-time, kept me busy and on the road. I also began spending more time with my grandparents – a topic for another post. In July, I began to work two jobs and so I was working 6 days a week. I ceased that busy schedule in October and though I am not on the road as many days a week, there seems to always be one reason or another to be on the road or not at home. 

Christmas is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it is nearly here. Tonight I had a coffee with two dear people and we reminisced about where we were a year ago. To be honest, it feels like five years ago. This time last year I had just completed a busy semester – one that included 60+ pages of writing, not to mention my capstone paper for my degree. I was already starting on the spring semester by reading a well-researched, but extremely difficult book on World War II and dreading the day that would come when I would have to discuss it. The thought of all of that even now, is enough to turn my stomach. 

So where am I now, you may ask. I am finally coming to a place of peace. It is surprising how long it has taken to arrive. I finally feel I can take one day at a time and despite being occupied with work and family related things, there is time for lunch with friends and the occasional coffee. 

I also feel as though I have done a tremendous amount of growing in the last few months. I feel like the goals I am wanting for my life are coming into focus. I also feel that because I have a clearer picture of what I want, I also have a clearer picture of what I don’t want. I know that in life we can’t always choose what have or what we do not have, but at the end of the day, many times we do have a choice. Sometimes that choice is only choosing how we look at the world, be it with acceptance of life as it is and the hope for better or with repugnance of everyone and everything in it.