I discovered this book on goodreads.com. Once I read it I could not think of a more perfect title to this book than American Ghost. The title is captivating, but once you dive in you find yourself surrounded by many ghosts, and I don’t mean the kind that yell “BOO” in the dark of night. Not only does one of the main characters, Jolie Hoyt, self identify with the label of “American Ghost”, each character has a “ghost” in their family. The ghost being a family member who was forever altered by the racial violence that existed in the American South in the 1930s.

I also feel that there are two other American ghosts in this book, a ghost who is not a person, but whose legacy can still be seen today: the violent ghost of the extreme racial prejudice that was so common for that era. The second ghost would be that of the American poor female. It is a ghost that routinely haunts Jolie Hoyt – not just because her deceased mother was one, but because it is the image that she sees in every poor woman in her small town of Hendrix.

This book is not for everyone and I HIGHLY recommend reading about it before you delve in, because like a gator in a Florida swamp, once this book has you, it won’t let go…