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I have a quiet moment right now. A moment that I am keenly aware may not exist in another moment. For this one moment, I can be at peace and not think about the To Do list looming on the corner of my desk. For this one second I am telling myself I  don’t have to do any of it. I am giving myself permission not to “do”. I can take this one moment just for me and me alone. I am pausing to breathe in and out and to hear my breath centered in my chest. I am focused on the calm that is inside of me. There is no need to be hurried and no thoughts to run away with. Right now, in this moment, I am simply being me.

Every now and again I need to have these calming and soothing thoughts. It relaxes me and it is a bit of a rest in the midst of a hectic day. Plus, it is the little bit of my inner rebel coming out and saying “I am not concerned with the “everything else”, right now it is about me and this one moment”.

In the course of our day, each one of us needs to be our own inner rebel.

Take a moment, right now, just one, and just for you.

Be a rebel.